ANNA WRIGHT 1982-2019

Anna was born in the summer of 1982 in Wimbledon, London. From a toddler she always had a pencil or crayon in her hand and loved to draw, paint and make intricate patterns. Although a happy and contented child, she was also shy and loved to be at home with her parents, siblings, and close friends.

She found school, and her adolescent years, difficult. Her social anxiety and subsequent low self esteem led her into the dark world of anorexia but her love for art kept her afloat and eventually she learned how to be happy and successful.

Anna always found solace in her art and graduated from ‘The Surrey Institute of Art and Design’ with a BA 1st Class Honours and went on to have a highly successful career. Although her life was blighted by long periods of anxiety and depression she also found much happiness in her personal life – she was funny, dynamic, and beautiful inside and out. She loved London and adored Paris, which she first visited whilst at University and eventually made home in 2013. It was in Montemartre where she felt ‘alive’ and a sense of belonging in and around other like minded artists. It was here where she found love and laughter.

Anna felt things deeply, was incredibly compassionate and had great empathy for others who found life difficult. She would feed the homeless before herself. However, Anna’s demons were never far away (see her drawing entitled, ‘The Saboteur’) and in the summer 2019 life became too much to bear and she took her life just after her 37th birthday.

Yet the art she left behind will ensure Anna Wright’s legacy lives on and she can keep giving to others in need by raising funds through her art.

Photo credit: Loukia Hay